Monday, June 6, 2011

Episode 8

i finally watched ep 8 of zui hou! it was freakin' cool! ok, i shall tell the story... gosh! i cant exactly remember... sorry... anyway, it was only in the last part where they showed the part that xiao ru seemed pregnant. i really hope that it is not some kind of misunderstanding and that xiao ru was actually not pregnant and that jie xiu mistook her as pregnant. cos u see, during the preview, she was like, 我真的不知道该不该留下或拿掉?我真的不知道。。。and then jie xiu was like, 留下,我会帮你的。dun u think that it is some kind of ruse to make u wanna watch the next episode. i do, cos i really want to watch the next episode NOW! so tempting... i really hope that xiao ru will really get pregnant. that way, everything will be P-E-R-F-E-C-T, PERFECT!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Long Time No Write(see)

hello! its been a long time since i have posted new stuff. anywayzz, i cant wait for ep 8 pf zui hou. frm the preview, it seems that xiao ru is pregnant. but then, the more i think, the less likely i think that she is pregnant. bcos, the preview will make u curious n then make u watch the show. n then it will maybe be diff frm the preview. but i hope that xiao ru can get pregnant, that way, tang ai wei cannot push xiao ru away. i cant really stand tang ai wei (of course only in the show. i also luv her alot, but definitely not more than Rainie.) the way tang ai wei tries to snatch song jie xiu back frm xiao ru is so evil. ok,ok, i noe that jie xiu was ai wei's girlfriend but that does not mean that jie xiu cannot fall in love with another person during that period. also, ai wei was the one who suggested the fake marraige(no idea how to spell, sorry if it is funny looking) still... I love you Rainie and XiaoRu!!!
p.s. there are 4 more days left to Rainie's birthday... count down with me too!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The first ep of zui hou, aka Love you/zui hou jue ding ai shang ni

Hey Hey Hey! have you watched the first ep of zui hou yet? it is like super awesome, but no kisses between Rainie and Joseph yet, sad... ok, i was juz joking, super happy with the show for now. thought that KingOne was so bad, in a so called 'positive' manner. didnt u see? the way he threw poor xiao ru's luggage and all her clothes in the middle of the road. that was so sad, but there was a cool sensation at the point when i watched it. and then behind the scenes, they showed that part, and Joseph was saying that KingOne was so cool, the way he took the luggage from xiao ru's hand, opened it, and started throwing her clothes everywhere. and then KingOne said that he actually se ji this himself(thought of it himself). dont u think that he looks like a bad man, in a good way of course. like the saying goes, 男人不坏女人不爱. or, if the man is too good, the women will not like him. ok, my translation is terrible, but i think if i translate it like that, it should be along the line. btw, the actors and actresses acted so well. for example, like that scene, i totally wanted to cry with xiao ru, but i had to keep it together because my family was watching it too. however, a drop managed to goes pass my eyelid and dropped down. it was too touching. i think that Rainie's acting became from very good to extremely good!!! yay! go 丞琳!!! cant wait for next ep, count down with me guys!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Juz bought something!

Hello! juz bought Elva's xiao ya xiao jie's album. so cool! i totally wanted to buy Rainie's ToGetHer show dvd, but bcos it was too expensive i did not buy it. OH! still counting down? i hope u are! there are 14 days left to zui hou's first ep! jiao yous for counting down! i wanted to create another blog, a blog that is for people who are too lazy to go and check every blog that has got to do with rainie. so i  wanted to create a blog to tell u guys which blog posted to stuff, shud i do that? comment and tell me if i should!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hello guys! are u still counting down? hope u r! cos there are only 16 days left to the first ep of zui hou's first ep! it is on tai shi ping dao! hope u are gonna watch it too! u noe, there r alot of ads abt that show... and then some comments are quite hurting! they said that becos of the director, they will not watch the show. one of them even said that they supported rainie and joseph, but bcos of the director, they decided not to watch, so evil right? juz bcos of 1 teeny weeny director, they decided not watch a perfect show that the actors spent so much time and effort on. FINE THEN! DUN WATCH THEN DUN WATCH LOH! I AM SURE ALOT OF PEOPLE WILL WATCH IT, BCOS THEY HAV BETTER TASTE AND MORE COMMON SENSE THAN U! BUT DUN U DARE SAY ANYTHING BAD ABT RAINIE! SHE IS NO.1!!!!! IF U DARE INSULT HER... ... ...sorry, to those people watching the show, i got too agitated, ok... back to my 'story', juz bcos of 1 director, they choose not to watch such a wonderful show. i  think that they shud watch the show, cos it will definitely be very nice. oh! pls pray for Japan and Selina! pray for Japan! for every 10 comments i recieve that are totally, as in even in the meaning and everything, i will donate $1, sing $s of course. sorry, cant donate much,cos i dun earn money, i m a student, n this is in my budget, sorry. it is really the most i can donate. ok then! jia yous and have a nice day/night peeps! ;-)

Friday, April 1, 2011

I found out something!

Hey guys!!! i found out something! i found out that zui hou, aka love you,aka zui hou jue ding ai shang ni(i will most probably call it zui hou) is coming out on the 17th of april this year, that is like before sunshine angel is coming out! Cool right! i think that it is! anyways... i was saying that zui hou is coming out in april this year rite? ya... so, since it is coming out in like a few weeks time,(actually it is exactly 2 wks and 2 days and a few seconds left to the start of that show!), there are some things u shud totally watch during that period of time, like watch the commercials for it. ya... ok, i gotta go now, hope u will be counting down with me, exactly 16  days, 23 hours and 5 mins left! By the way, it is my time, cos like everytime i post something on, the time posted is totally different to the actual time, weird!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


i went to Rainie's blog and she said that zui hou jue ding ai shang ni is coming out in the middle of april. but... issit this year or next year? i hope that it is in this year. i was thinking, elva should be in the same company as show luo right? then rainie is in the same company as show luo, that will mean that rainie is in the same company as elva!!! that is so freaking cool. oh! if the mighty internet is not wrong, then elva's birthday is totally close to mine. but i hope that the internet is wrong bcos i dun want her to be 31 years old. that is not good, but no matter how old elva is, she is always pretty! anyways, i cant wait for sunshine angel and zui hou jue ding ai shang ni to come out. oh... i forgot what zui hou jue ding ai shang ni is in english.. gosh. oh! did u noe that aaron changed his hairstyle? he is so cute now! he is now a singer, like, not in farenheit anymore. does that mean that they have disbanded? no way... maybe he is in farenheit and also have a single album...